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This 4-part series will be offered this fall on 4 consecutive Tuesdays, beginning on September 13, from 6:30-9pm at the Epiphany Academy. The threefold path of purgation, illumination, and union has marked the spiritual deepening of Christian faithful for many centuries, and is still relevant for our walk in faith today. It brings us great joy to share this “ancient yet ever-new” content that continues to challenge and inspire us in the 21st century. Underwritten by the Charles and Paula Koch Foundation.


SESSION ONE: The Way of Purifying Formation with Augustine of Hippo

Exploring the dynamics of purgation, purification, and penance — in light of the Psalmist who says, Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin [Psalm 51:2].

SESSION TWO: The Way of Illuminating Reformation with Teresa of Avila

Exploring the dynamics of illuminating reformation that constitute metanoia and true conversion of heart. Such reformation in grace involves every facet of our human and Christian personhood. How does my heart of stone become a heart of flesh? [cf Ezekiel 36]. 

SESSION THREE: The Way of Unifying Transformation with John of the Cross

Exploring unifying transformation insofar as this grace facilitates growth in the unitive way, where we are invited to enter into deeper intimacy with the Trinity. 

SESSION FOUR: Integrating the Dynamics of the Threefold Path with Jean-Pierre de Caussade

Exploring the challenges of living an integrated life of contemplation and action in the light of the threefold path, and reflecting on practices that facilitate such integration.


TO REGISTER: Please call 412-341-7494 by SEPTEMBER 1, 2022.

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