Dr. Susan Muto’s latest book, A Feast for Hungry Souls, features spiritual lessons from thirty of the Church’s greatest masters and mystics. These voices from the ancient, medieval, and modern Church have been the focus of Muto’s work for more than forty years. Masters such as Benedict of Nursia, Thomas Merton, Evelyn Underhill, and Teresa of Avila help to answer humankind’s most pressing spiritual questions and satisfy the deep yearnings of the human heart.

In each chapter, Muto introduces a spiritual master, places them in the historical and spiritual contexts of their time, and also introduces a classic work associated with that master. Identifying key themes and principles applicable to modern life, each chapter concludes with reflection questions that may be pondered individually, or in a group setting.

A Feast for Hungry Souls: Spiritual Lessons from the Church’s Greatest Masters and Mystics is published by Ave Maria Press. Publication date is May 29, 2020.