Late Have I Loved Thee: The Recovery of Intimacy

In this poignant and poetic volume, Susan Muto examines the integration of intimacy with ordinary living. Her reflections on intimacy with God, with self, and with others are laced with just the right blend of practicality and exhortation, making it clear that intimacy is always high on the agenda of spiritually mature individuals.

"What we long for most," writes Susan Muto, "are not occasional thrills but the grace of steady, everyday intimacy."  Like Augustine (from whom comes the book's title,) she convinces us that it is never too late to recover a sense of intimacy with God, with others, and with our true self. 

Reading this book is in itself an intimate experience; the author shares personal stories as well as lessons she has learned.  She celebrates intimacy in love, work and play - a feeling of union and communion available to each of us here and now.


Susan Muto

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January, 1995
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Crossroad Publishing Company; 1st edition (September 25, 1995)