Keepsakes for the Journey

Keepsakes for the Journey

Four Weeks on Faith Deepening

In a throw-away culture like our own, keepsakes and other collectibles become more a necessity than a luxury. A cracked cup from which we drank hot chocolate as a child, a ragged teddy bear we refuse to discard. Keepsakes that focus on life's purpose and our personal mission prevent us from feeling like empty shells tossed hither and yon on the shores of this all too brief existence.

Susan Muto has collected and commented on brief sayings by classical and contemporary spiritual writers whose words are keepsakes by anyone's standards. May these already treasured words resonate in your soul, nourish your spirit, and inspire you to love and serve others now and for years to come.


Susan Muto


(The volumes in New City Press' "7 x 4" series offer a meditation a day for four weeks, a bite of food for thought, a reflection that lets a reader ponder the spiritual significance of each and every day. Small enough to slip into a purse or coat pocket, these books fit easily into everyday routines.)



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January, 2010
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New City Press in Hyde Park, New York