Epiphany Certification Program

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ECP gathering

About ECP

The Epiphany Certification Program (ECP) is a unique, ongoing and innovative formation opportunity offered by the Epiphany Association at three locations -- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Indianapolis, Indiana; and Dublin, Ireland. 

The Epiphany Association features ECP as the premier offering in adult faith formation, drawing upon Fr. Adrian van Kaam's pioneering work in the fields of formation science, anthropology and theology. 


How ECP Has Enriched My Life

"Though I have been clearly aware of the transcendent formation that has occurred in my life, the Epiphany Certification Program has provided me with the framework against which I can better understand and articulate all of the ways in which this formation has shaped me. I look forward to the help I am receiving…and to whatever type [of opportunity] God may provide. I pray that the Mystery will continue to soften my heart so that whatever growth God grants me I can use for the sake of others."

-- Celia Merrill of Albuquerque, New Mexico Executive Director, Golden Apple Foundation of New Mexico


"Studying formation science provides a wonderful means of articulating the wonders of the Christian spiritual journey to those of different religious and ideological faith traditions. I have already found formation science terminology useful in open-hearted dialogues with my Muslim neighbors and my “secular friends” about the underpinnings of one’s spiritual walk."

-- Rebecca Letterman, PhD of Rochester, New York - Seminary Student and Teacher


"Because I want to spend my life helping others in their formation, reformation, and transformation in Christ, I eagerly look forward to what the future courses will hold for myself and for those to whom I minister."

-- Mike Sciretti of Waco, Texas Youth Minister


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