Dear Master: Letters on Spiritual Direction Inspired by St. John of the Cross

Companion to St. John's masterpiece, The Living Flame of Love, in the form of an exchange of letters between the director and his directee.

Whether you're a beginner in search of a spiritual life or are at a more advanced stage of contemplation, this work furnishes you with a wealth of clear advice from one of the Church's finest spiritual masters--St. John of the Cross.

Dear Master is a companion text to, and commentary on, St. John's celebrated poem, The Living Flame of Love. This commentary is told through an imaginative series of letters between St. John of the Cross and Dona Ana de Penalosa, the spiritual directee for whom he originally wrote The Living Flame of Love--perhaps his most personal and passionate work. Dona Ana's letters contain questions of spiritual direction no different than ours of today: "Who am I most deeply?" "What is God asking of me?" "Have I the courage to answer his call?"

In his replies, St. John provides general truths to guide you in your journey toward spiritual enlightenment--such as coping with issues of abandonment, what it takes to free the soul for union with God, how to handle inordinate attachments, and dealing with distractions.

St. John has been a source of inspiration to faith seekers, both religious and lay, for over 400 years. Profound and timeless, the works penned by the Spanish Doctor of the Church contain clear directives as fresh today as when he originally wrote them.


Susan Muto

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January, 2004
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Epiphany Association