Celebrating the Single Life

Celebrating the Single Life is a book that tells how to have a seriously committed, spiritually grounded single life.  For the fifty million people in the United States who live alone - whether by choice or circumstance - the author suggests concrete dynamic ways in which single men and women can life fully human, fully Christian lives.

"The single state is the foundation of all human formation," notes Susan Muto.  "We are born single (that is, unique) and we die single ... God calls [all] to give witness temporarily or for a lifetime to the originating uniqueness that is his gift to every human being."  This encouraging book goes far in dispelling often held presumptions or stereotypes concerning singles as "outsiders" in a family- or community-oriented culture.  Muto demonstrates that the single life-style is not incompatible with warm, loving relationships or with a happy and rewarding life.  Her book covers such topics as solitude vs. loneliness; silence, service and caring for others; resisting the workaholic phenomenon; single parenting; singles and the Church; the essentials of single spiritual living.

Celebrating The Single Life breathes fresh air on a subject of immense interest and importance in the modern age.  As such, it is both challenging and insightful reading for all serious Christians no matter their chosen life.


Susan Muto

Foreword by Adrian van Kaam

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January, 1985
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Galilee Trade; A Doubleday Image Book